Electronic Media -A very powerful and ‘a magical’ source of communication.

In today’s world everyone is connected to each other; directly or indirectly via electronic media. It’s no more necessary if someone doesn’t’ familiar with or doesn’t know what electronic media is. Now the whole world or let’s say the whole universe communicates on waves. If we look just a few decades back there had been limited ways for communication. Mankind has been using symbols, hieroglyphs and painting then wire transmission like a telegraph, fiber optics, coaxial cable, wireless transmission like satellite, wifi internet to leave messages for each other. But today millions and trillions of messages transmitting every second and getting received at the end. It could be in any form and in various modes like offline, online, recorded slides, installation, the internet, the web, electronic messages, and social applications or even live streaming through electronic devices like radio, television, mobile, telephone, computers and so other electronic gadgets. Electronic media doesn’t necessarily need to be printed form. We have been preserving these electro messages in different forms like in CD, VCD, DVD, Floppy, Audio cassettes, virtual memory, memory cards etc for broadcasting in future as well.

Electronic media is the fastest way to establish the most reliable way to reach in millions. It can leave a positive and negative impact on the millions mind and that absolutely depend on the intention of the uploader alone. Technically electronic media has no sense to know the difference between right or wrong unless we feed that in, so if there any misinformation spreads it will spread at the similar speed. If we turn the pages back, electronic media was being used in 1968 when US Defense Department used a network to communicate with the mainframe computer.

No doubts that electro-media is fast and time saving but if we compare with print media it has more depth in information rather than electro-media. The quality lapses in electro-media and can be reached to the electronic devices in mass whereas a print media can be reached in the form of paper, cloth and most of the time ‘mouth words’ but within a certain limit. Human mind more often responds or take the decision by looking at the number of interested people on particular information, like our mind is losing the tendency to think and take its own decision. We actually analyze the crowd and then jump into. Electro media provide us the easiest way to take a decision, make the mind and respond within seconds, however in print media we need to go through a little longer procedure.

If we see the current scenario of India, where whole India and mostly those who were dependent on cash (printed currency note) are facing the problem and find difficult to survive without cash because of demonetization. The Prime minister Narender Modi announced and declare that the note of rupees 1000 and 500 no longer be exchange for trade. The electro-media became more popular because of the sudden and huge electronic transaction. However, the electronic transaction had been in use for a long time but now it has been pushed by the Indian government. There are ways and mediums to do it via direct internet banking, card swaps, third party source transaction like Mobikwik, Paytm, PayPal etc. and don’t forget the Bitcoins.

The world is moving on and getting more depending on electronic media now. However, the advantage and disadvantage would remain there because after all electro-media was discovered by human, used by human and can be improved or destroyed by humans.

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